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    DC Inverter All in One Heat Pump Water Heater

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Full DC frequency conversion integral heat pump water heater

[Application Place] Suitable for villa, apartment, residence, hotel, club, domestic hot water and other places.

【 Water supply capacity 】 500-liter large capacity hot water tank, to meet the needs of multiple bathrooms at the same time.

[Beautiful shape] streamlined appearance design.

[Low carbon environmental protection] using R32 environmental refrigerant.

[Safe and reliable] Separation of water and electricity, no combustion exhaust emissions, safety and environmental protection.

【 Low noise 】 Adopt high quality and high efficiency axial flow fan, low running noise.

【 High-quality design 】 The compressor and fan are designed with full DC frequency conversion technology, high energy efficiency and long service life.

[Easy to use] The product has the choice of energy-saving mode and strong heat mode. You can use the mobile phone APP wireless wifi to control the host switch, set the temperature, water supply and return water control and other functions, easy to use.

【 Water supply and return control 】 A variety of water supply control modes are optional: water flow trigger return water, timed return water, temperature control return water

[Quick installation] Integrated design, built-in DC type water supply and return water pump, easy to install, simple and beautiful.

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